Google Files Suite Against Alleged Click Fraud

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Google Files Suite Against Alleged Click Fraud
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This will cause some ripples, good ones IMHO

Worth knowing about, not much more to say than that.

For all of you worried about click fraud there is a good article on about a recent lawsuite Google has filed against some fraudsters:

CNET Article


Welcome news

Welcome news having just been a victim of click fraud(know as i was refunded )

Click fraud is the main concern of clients when I propose PPC. Hard part is convincing them it’s still worth using even though I have to be honest and tell them it exists and is not difficult to perform. Without any effective fraud detection of our own we have to put a lot of trust in the PPC operators.


Im sure the blogs picked up on this too..

If you have blogged about this recently please add links to your coverage as comment here, thanks :)

I'll start:
Hurricane Blog


CPC doomsday possible

The only thing stopping the whole CPC industry from coming to a crashing halt is lack of motivation. A bot could look just like a human in every way.


The good ones look more human than humans do :)

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You didnt think i didnt notice surely?


Was working on something, and walking the dogs :) If I didnt think it would embarrass him i'd put a welcome to Threadwatch littleman! post on the home page hah!

So, welcome to threadwatch littleman!

Thanks for the welcome Nick.

I've been lurking for a while, you are doing a fine job here.

Welcome Little!

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