Flock Off


I enjoyed playing with Flock, the new social browser based on Firefox that i got to testdrive last month, but i never took it out for another spin. Today i was going to write about this, and the fact that for me at least, Flock was a flop. I've been beaten to that conclusion though by Srivs, who's post, "Flock Never Stood a Chance", slams the startup for solving problems that don't exist, and I couldn't agree more. It's fun for 5mins, but i'll stick to FF thanks.



I should've gotten credit for that as I basically said that as a response to your first Flock post after we could download it and see the big nothing for ourselves!

Those flockers stole from me on this very web site!


well I said it in my very first post before Nicks very first post. So Ner.

Ah come on it was obvious :). That said reinventing the wheel works for a lot of people, its just a case of capturing peoples imagination.

So Ner

I see you have reacted to this in the most adult way possible :)


it seemed appropriate .....


I agree

I blogged about this on October 21, as well.


Great solutions to problems that dont exist...


yeh, exactly fun for like few minutes, trying to post an entry and basta...

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