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It's been a few months since i launched the current Threadwatch Advertising System, where advertisers get to sponsor a discussion at TW and engage the members rather than interupt and annoy them. Although it has not been a huge financial success for me, largely due to time (having none of it) on my part, it has proved popular with the members here. Contrary to all you might think, we've had some excellent response to the ads.

Not only have we had some excellent discussions on these ad threads, we've also had some excellent response on the sytem itself. See here for example

Nick W, I luuuuv the way you advertise - I actually get relevant products in front of me in an informative and non-intrusive fashion.

I always look at the products you're advertising. In this case I've downloaded a copy and will have a look. Not sure if I'll write a review - but certainly they got me to take a look at their software (and surely, that's what they're trying to accomplish here).

Two thumbs up on the way you do this.

and in the same thread

... I'd also like to big-up (blame Gurtie) your tack on selected advertisers - it works. I'm off to spend $389 on this; somewhat surprised to have not come across it before, but, there you go, I hadn't, and it's down to your careful product placement that I'm now buying it.

And at $600 a month, you can kiss my ad!

Of course it can be hit and miss...
Bidvertiser's offer has received no comments at the time of posting. This may be due to the offer, people need some time to test it, or it may be that it needs tweaking. If an ad isn't working out, or goes stale over the month that it runs, it's nice to let the advertiser tweak the offer, it's a new(ish) way of doing things and I can hardly garuntee success, that's really down to the kind of offer the advertiser makes. Saying that though, it's in my best interests to ensure ads work if humanly possible, so working with advertisers on creative and helping them tune their offers has become part of the whole thing.

What works best?
So far, ads that work best give some kind of freebie to TW'ers - the very best we had was our first one from CashKeywords where they gave away a free report to everyone that wanted one. Not only was it a huge success at TW, but it garnered links from all over the Search blogs and forums as a result. Sometimes you have to dig deep to get the exposure you want - if you don't get why that was a great thing for CK to do, then as a marketer, there's no hope for you.

Onwards and Upwards
I posted this for two reasons:

  1. I wanted to re-expose the ad program to potential clients
  2. I want to discuss how we could make it even better

So let's here your thoughts. Im aware that after saying members like it im going to get a shit load of complaints now :) that's just the way these things work, but personally im happy that TW is doing right by it's audience and advertisers, and i still love this way of doing things.


Personally I like this way of doing ads

Been a bit busy, and I have tended not to participate in the offers. However just getting to the end of a new web site now, and expect to download Web CEO for a trial

I guess with most of the advertisers here, that most of the readers know about the product, and are

1.Using it
2.Tried it and decided not to use it
3.Thought about it, and never got round to trying it

I suspect that potential advertisers need to find a way to get at the "Thought about it, and never got round to trying it" group.

A free offer like CashKeywords is obviously a way of doing it (though I did apply to them and never heard back - not fussed enough to chase them).

Web CEO was in my bookmarks, but had got no further.

My advice to advertisers would be

1. Give us a reason to try your product. Readers here tend to be a bit soft on "offers"
2. For goodness sake reply to the thread here, and if necessary bump it up from time to time with some incisive input.
With the "notify" option, there is no excuse to not replying within a few hours.

Got to agree

With all the points above. Advertisers have a gold mine of knowledge, talent and attention here but they have to remember that our time is not free. We might be sat some of us in underwear gossiping on TW but I would say for most it is downtime or as a displacement activity (avoiding work) so if they want a good conversation then it needs to look attractive NOT unpaid work.

Cashkeywords was my personal favourite even though I didn't personally profit from it I still got "sumutfernowt" as they say round here. The Web Ceo is a free trial, well most of these packages give you a free trial. *shrug*. Not enough incentive for me to put any effort in. I know about them now so some benefit to the company but they could have engaged me more. I currently like a competitors product so I see no reason to switch.

I can't help but agree on

I can't help but agree on the responsiveness of advertisers to user comments and questions - when you enter into something like this it's just unthinkable not to monitor it very closely, but well...

And yes, the best ads are the ones that have an offer so good you just have to try it, they create buzz both on-site and off.

Excellent Ad program

I (like many I think) am pretty much blind to Adsense Ads. Maybe it's because as a publisher I have been programmed to not click my own Ads and it has subconsciously made it's way to other Ads as well.
The Cashkeywords Ad was great. I have refered to the list often as a starting off point for some terms. If I ever need to buy a list or refer one I will be using them. Texlinkads is a company I have used because of the Ad threads.

although i initially thought

although i initially thought otherwise, i now prefer the sponsored discussions in which companies dont pitch their offer but rather flex their expertise by sharing some knowledge. text link ads did this with a "what to look for when purchasing text links" type article which i found interesting enough to read. even if such articles/posts dont shed new information, they can confirm that the company knows what they're talking about.

personally, i deal with too much information to be bothered by anything resembling a traditional ad. i block out pretty much all ads now, so the more the pitch resembles a traditional ad, the less attention i give it.


Are a lesson in how to do it properly. You couldn't not respond to their generous, well-targeted offer.

Other advertisers would do well to learn from that campaign.

I think it works OK. The key

I think it works OK. The key is if it adds value to the site, thats the real win/win. On balance I think it probably does. As far as improvements I could see a tighter spec for the ads working better, make them conform to an "elevator pitch" format for at least the initial post. Time is money etc etc.

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