Firefox up to 14.1% of US Market..


..but (strangely) only 4.9% in the UK. BBC Report on a survey by analysis firm One Stat on a 2 million sample of users. The worldwide average of 11.5% for Firefox.MS Internet Explorer still dominates the net with an 85.5% market share.

Still beggars belief tha a fair number of online purchases can only be done with Explorer, I have had to wheel out Explorer a couple of times this week to make a hotel booking, as FF just froze on their systems


I know ...

I know what you mean. I think it's long past time for designers and developers to toss out the browser-detection scripts and code not for today's particular browser-du-jour, but for the Web.

we have the same problem here..

I use Firefox for pretty much everything at work, but the backend sales system (for stats, not purchasing) only works in IE. A royal PITA.

Americans are not the

Americans are not the biggest fans of Firefox. ;-)
If you have a look at the One Stat press release with this information you see that the BBC made this conclusion without much information.

For example in Germany the Firefox-Browser had already about 20% market share in May.

I'd go along with that stat

I'd go along with that stat for Firefox in the UK. We don't have all UK traffic, but it's the large bulk of it, and coming in aorund that figure recently. Very slowly growing.

And we got a new CRM setup recently, web based, IE only. Coming soon a cut down version which will work in other browsers! wow.... On top of that it connects in well with MS Office, but no other office suites, heh.
Don't ya love this platform independant web thing?

That's not Stellent is it

That's not Stellent is it Adrian? Sounds horribly familiar.

Wait until...

...Google brings their browser out.

<dodges flying fruit and vegetables>



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