Adsense offer $100 Affiliate Bounty on Referals


Once the account you refer to them makes $100, you get $100. As spotted by Steve there is a new referal settings button (login req'd) on your Adsense panel.

Wow, they must be pretty scared of the competition to give away that much i think...

On quick inspection, i couldn't find any details on cookie duration...?



I'm sure every scraper site will now contain these buttons.

Here's the info. FOund this

Here's the info. Found this link over at DigitalPoint.

"With our new referrals feature, you can increase your revenue while increasing your users' awareness of useful products and services. By adding a referral button to your site, you can direct users to sign up for AdSense and monetize their web content, or to download Firefox with Google Toolbar and improve their web browsing experience.

While your users learn more, you can earn more -- US $100 for every new AdSense publisher who earns $100 and up to $1 for every new Firefox user."

What's the FF user bit about

What's the FF user bit about then?

One buck for each FF with G

One buck for each new user FF with G toolbar download.


Direct shot at MS? If the version of FF has the G toolbar bundled, Google might be beating Bill to the punch to buying users.

After back tracking where I

After back tracking where I got the info - I wanted to properly credit the source which has lots more info.

$100 now less later

If there is a significant jump in Adsense pushing across the web then the average earnings per publisher will go down -- that's the law of supply and demand.

Of course that could be offset by a surge in adwords buying, but all things being equal the more publishers pushing ads the less the individual will make

I don't think most ad

I don't think most ad publishers make $100, and if they do you probably do not want them doing so in your own vertical.

Unless a site is webmaster related I can't see the use AdSense referral stuff helping the referral publishers much.


$100, eh. I'll stick to Chitika's 10% payout on referral income.

No Firefox referrals outside US?

In my Adsense account, I can see the Adsense referral option, but there is nothing about Firefox referral fees. Is this because I am located in Europe?

It's bundled

We've integrated the Google Toolbar into the Firefox download to offer you even more features

Same here

from Canada, I can't see the firefox referral tab. qwerty, your up here, aren't you? can you see it?

uh oh

From Germany: also no firefox-promo-stuff visible.

Do you also see only graphical Adsense-Adverts in your account? How stupid is that? Textlinks is sth. that every affiliate program has to offer, as banners simply don't work...

Firefox for the US only

Apparently the firefox referal fees are for US-based sites only.
Weird - how does that track where our visitors are? Makes you wonder if Google really does get the web :)

Nope, I'm Murcan

I'm in Massachusetts.

Google mention that the FF deal is currently US-only on the AdSense Blog

In addition, if you are a U.S. publisher, for Firefox with Google Toolbar referrals we will pay up to $1 per referral the first time a user installs Firefox. (We hope to make this available soon to international publishers.)

today's little note says...

Anyone else notice that the little note at the top of the adsense results now says "...earn more revenue by referring users to useful products and services like AdSense..."?
products and services *like* AdSense...
There have to be more coming.

>$100, eh. I'll stick to

>$100, eh. I'll stick to Chitika's 10% payout on referral income.

For the First 12 months only (fine print). Really lame for an affiliate program.

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