How do you buy a Boeing 767-200

Mr. Page acknowledges that the purchase might seem ostentatious. But "we tend to have an engineering approach, to be fact-based," he says. "We looked at this and we just did the economics and we said, 'you know, it makes a lot of sense.' "

It seems like Messrs. Google have snagged a nice aircraft according to the WSJ and why the devil not. I do so much hope that pictures are released of the new interior and I hope it is better than the jet's address:

According to FAA records, the jet also shares an address, phone number and contact name with another Delaware company. That company owns a Gulfstream V jet that appears to be one Mr. Schmidt bought earlier this year. The shared address is a mailbox in a UPS Store not far from Google headquarters.

The interesting thing is that according to an aircraft broker "Buying a used 767 instead of a high-end business jet is "very, very smart, It's a lot more aircraft for the money." So they have been thrifty as well - must have some Scottish blood in them!


The entry price of these

The entry price of these aircraft aren't bad if you are shopping in the neighborhood of a G5. I saw a few 747's for sale when one of my old Dot Com Era friends was thinking of going John Travolta on the rest of us peons. The operational costs per hour compared to the G5 are a metric F-load more, though, so that statement was somewhat disingenuous. The entry price ends up being the cheapest part if you really log enough hours to support buying your own airliner.

and they could always say...

My other plane is a MiG

new acronym

I thought MIG was a new acronym for MISSING IN GOOGLE :)

I like that....

I got MiG'd with Jagger2 but hoping to be 767'd when Jagger3 hits all the data centers.

I had a friend a few years

I had a friend a few years ago who bought a LearJet.

He would call me at my office in Orange County and ask if I wanted to go to lunch in Monterey, Vegas or Phoenix, etc.

He would call me once a week.

Then after about six months he took the Lear in for its first FAA mandated check up.

Cost him $85,000 and he never called again...

Was it

Was it the FAA check up or the price of your lunches that did it?

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