WMW Las Vegas - Watch out for the Mayor


If you are attending WMW in Vegas, I would tend to keep a low profile and don't fuck with the Mayor. Especially if you like your thumbs!


Our mayor

He was a mob lawyer and he's an avowed big drinker. He's usually entertaining because he doesn't take any crap. And you know, if it were up to me, I'd start with pinkies for a first offense, but not televise it.

Bell ends and televised,

Bell ends and televised, trust me it would work.


and when goog gets the video into it's index, what are the keywords you would be targetting to get your adwords appearing on that page.


CNN are now covering this story.

Thanks for the heads-up

I like my thumbs, especially for Ctrl, ALT & Space-bar usage.
I intend to avoid any spray while at Vegas...

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