Warning for Forum Admins - "newsguy" is a Bot

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NewsGuy Threads - Bot?
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Wouldnt normally clutter the rss feed with this kind of thing but this guy is a Grade A Arse and if you run a forum, you should know about it.

He uses the name "newsguy" and was first exposed at cre8 in this thread by braggadocio and reported here at Threadwatch by 4eyes on saturday

Check the links, he's using some program to do this. The list surely goes on but i cant be arsed.

This spamflash was bought to you by Threadwatch in association with ihelpyouservices we dont mind SE spammers, but dont mess with our forums heheh... :-)


How to prevent further abuse


One of our moderators tested the script. We've since banned the IP, etc. but have left this thread up at Cre8, with the hope that a discussion on how to prevent this from happening to forums may be helpful.


Thanks cre8pc

It's a sloppy script.

If they wanted to do that properly they could have used different ip's - different nicks and varied text - it probably would have gone unnoticed for months and months..

I think the various forum admins should talk more because of things like this. If I spot them, i'll ad them to this thread but in the actual first post so it reappears on the rss feed as updated (i think..)



I guess some folks may be sur

I guess some folks may be surprised to know how many forum mods and Admins DO alert one another. We may have different missions and formats, but nearly all of us are volunteers, with jobs and families and a life.

Having to put up forum trolls and spam posts means less time for people with class and courtesy.

Thank YOU for providing a place for us :)

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