Yahoo! to Build Mobile Phone with SBC


Yahoo! and SBC/Cingular, together with Nokia are to build and market a Yahoo! branded mobile phone, as Rafat says this is probably a precursor to other online behemoths moving into the mobile hardware space.


should also be a good

should also be a good opportunity for yahoo to further push their digital music services via cell phone distribution, which could make it a great threat to the ipod as apple's rockr phone does not seem to have captured people's interest.

A handset?

My first reaction was "About time - they've had cooperation with SBC for ages on broadband, so it's about time they move into mobile."

But then it hit me: This is about... a handset?

Anyway... perhaps I just don't know enough about what they already have on the mobile "scene" - and perhaps I'm not the only one. If they really have got some serious mobile offerings already (as in "services"), such a handset could offer some good extra ways of marketing them.

don't forget this bit from

don't forget this bit from reuters

"Google is tailoring some Internet services for use on wireless devices. Starting Monday, consumers using some types of cellphones will be able to access satellite maps wirelessly as they can on the Google Maps service, the paper said."

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