3 new Search Engines launched in Norway


The search market in Norway is heating up with the launch of three new search engines, all based on technology from the former founder of AllTheWeb, FAST Search & Transfer.

ABC Startsiden was the first one out and launched www.abcsok.no. What is interesting here is that they replaced Google as the main search engine on the frontpage of Startsiden, Norways most popular start page, something that resulted in a large drop in traffic for Google in Norway.

The second out was Yelo, operated by Findexa, the company behind Norways most popular Yellow Pages directory.

This week Sesam launched. This search engine is the one with the most money behind it and it is part of the media corporation Schibsted. They have international ambitions and will follow the strategy they used for their online classified property Finn.no, partnering up with regional media companies.



Lots of talking and no doing until now, and then three launches at once. And Shibsted is involved too, of course.

The apparent success of Google is bound to attract attention and investment from big media and others. Sofar it's been "just a matter of time", but perhaps -- with the low interest rates and such -- it's getting time for heavy investment now. Interesting.

Also, the FAST technology really is good, imho.

Search Engine - Engines

Do these organizations generally build a search engine from the ground up, or do they start with some sort of foundational structure?


It seems (according to kservik, above) that in this case they have licensed technology, so that they "only" have top provide the branding and audience themselves.

That's also the safe bet, as you minimize your risk if the success turns out to be not as big as expected.

Seperate spiders

They all run different spiders, so I guess they tweak the algoritms independently....but start out much the same after the initial setup by the FAST team.


I just read at that Sesam and ABCSøk both are a part of the Overture/Yahoo Search Marketing network.

I guess that will change over time as they develop their own technology, but it suddenly made Overture a lot more interesting here in Norway.

This is interesting, not

This is interesting, not only is FAST technology making a comeback but I bet a lot of other web portals in other Scandinavian countries will be watching to see the quality of the results, costs and public acceptance.

The little engine that could

For the past few years since working with Fast's software, I have always believed that it really was the little engine that could. Fast have a really good team of people both in Norway and the US who work extremely well with and look after their clients.

There is a few things I

There is a few things I don't understand here ...

It was my understanding that FAST was split up (like Inktomi) in a Web-search and a enterprise sarch devision and that web was sold (now belongs to Yahoo). So how can FAST go back to web-search? I would be surprised if there was nothin g in the contracts about this ... But then again, FAST really have a bad reputation for being ... well, not too honest, so I woulnd't be surpirsed if they simply break the contract and hpope for the best.

When FAST was (last time) in the websearch business they did let partners do thir own crawling. So thats not new. Ww did the same at Scandinavia Online back when I was managing Kvasir i Denmark - with FAST tech. However, as it turned out then, it will probably do again: Local crawling don't work! You simply can't build a good local index unless you crawl the entire world. The Internet is NOT devided into local cells - its one large "organism" and unles you understand it all you won't be able to extract a local "cluster/cell" thats valuable. Thats what we learned back then - and I am sure the new players will learn the same ... sooner or later :)

That is some interesting

That is some interesting comments Claus.

FAST is just the tech provider here, so I guess it is cool with the agreement they possibly made with Yahoo.

On the other side, FAST is also part of the consortium for the international arm they are going to set up.

... i guess you mean Mikkel?

... i guess you mean Mikkel?

I agree that it's interesting. Especially the local crawling issue.

I wonder if it will be possible for those three to merge their spider lists/indexes? And if so, if they could also/still have different algos/ranking methods?

There's been a few attempts at Open Source search engines. I wonder if there has also been attempts at creating an "Open Index" that everyone could tap into? (And build own algos on top of)

Sorry claus and mikkel! My

Sorry claus and mikkel! My head is not with me today.

An Open Index is a really cool idea, but I guess it would cost a lot to tap into such a solution.

As far as I undrstand FASt

As far as I undrstand FASt sold th web-search business - including the technology used for this - which is VERY different from the the techology used for enterpris search. So, either I am wrong, or FAST has re-build the web-tech, or the are just not giving a shit about the papers they've signed /shich would NOT surprise me one bit)

The funny thing is FAST just email spammed me with some event. I never accepted to recieve this from them - that IS spam. So a bloody spamming search company. Honestly, what they think?! Do they expect any of us to really take them serious?

I dont know if they sold

I dont know if they sold AllTheWeb/websearch and / or the right to operate in this industry.

But is seems like they brought some good technology to their new partners, but I think they will find it hard to withstand spam and such in Norway when that will increase.

On the international scene I am quite sure they will have huge problems and a long long way to go.

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