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Picture Phone Blogging Site Launches
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Hurricane Blog reports in the threadlink above that joining the ranks with flickr and text america comes

Moblogging - essentially sharing and storing pics taken with your phone is gonna be (is) hot biz - The busythumbs website is a mates so it's especially nice to wish them well as they join the race for market domination in this fast moving sector of the technoblogosphere <-- i made that up.. heh!


One day

I'm hoping my phone may be that sophisticated!

Nice looking site mate.

My phone does that but....

I'm still figuring it out... Hmmm, it's not a 21" screen, is it? This from someone who spent dinner tonight texting someone across the table ;-)



welcome to TW! - so nice to see you here m8 ;)

Im feeling a little more social these days and may well invest in a 'modern' mobile next year - i really wanna mess with 3G stuff :)

And it gets better

With freshly introduced trackback on BusyThumbs! :)

Hi Voice

Nice to see a busythumbs guy in here..

welcome to threadwatch! - please go and introduce yourself :)

Trackback rocks!

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