Mainstream Media Consumption Continues to Wane


Chris Anderson comments on the ongoing meltdown of mainstream media. Some of the key stats:

Newspapers: circulation, which peaked in 1987, is declining faster than ever and is down another 2.6% so far this year.
Music: CD sales are down 10% this year; even digital downloads are flat.
Books: down by 7% this year.

Meanwhile, banner advertisements and keyword advertising continue to grow.


To be expected I guess

Ok it's pouring down outside, you just wake up. What would you do. Open your rss reader or head down to the paper shop :)

For me this change has only really happened this year. The only time I buy a paper is if I am out and have time to waste, early for somethign and waiting about in the car etc.

With RSS you relly can decide how and what you read.


Media Meltdown

Although I like newspapers on a Sunday morning they just don't have enough relevant news for me. There's so much news on TV and online that newspapers just don't ofer enough, except maybe a free DVD :).


Ian is right IMHO. The real problem up till now has been the agencies who are supposed to be guiding and leading their clients in their placement - it may have been figuring out how to bill.

Even the biggest branding agency in the world still managed to get it wrong very recently.

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