Google Maps for Mobile


From the pictures on Google Maps Mobile I'd say this might well be an absolute killer for you lucky buggers with neat mobile phones in countries where they have Google maps. Not living in such a country, or having a neat mobile though, im relying you you to to tell me if it's as good as it looks :)

I know Matt likes it, but then he was kind of bound to eh?


Treo 650

Doesnt support the treo, DOH!

Works for me

I've heard some reports of it flunking out on some higher end phones (like the Nokia 6682, a S60 handset) but it works for me on my W800i. Great stuff and really useful.

I used their SMS service quite frequently, along with 4INFO's. Now we'll have to see what's more useful...

If you haven't got a neat mobile

you can try with an emulated one:

not sure how GSM/GPRS connectivity is emulated though

I've got the right type of

I've got the right type of phone and should have the right connectivity. Having moved to Australia last week this is useless though as the country is completly unmapped. Anyone know the reason for this?

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