FlickrFS - The Flickr File System


Now this is just downright bloody strange, but pretty cool too as im absolutely fed up with my shite system for storing photos. Flickr have released a full blown file system based upon the Linux FUSE system.

Flickrfs is a virtual filesystem based upon FUSE for Linux. It can be mounted on your computer and then can be accessed using the standard commands. But, here are the twists. The filesystem uses threads, and hence, improves usability and speed. When you mount the filesystem, it will create 2 directories automatically: 'tags' and 'sets'. 'sets' will automatically retrieve your sets and will show you all the photos available in your sets. You can then easily copy images on your hdd. If you want to add some more photos to these sets, just copy them to the folder, and they will be uploaded to the respective set.

Im not sure i'd want to mess with that untill someone brought it into the Gentoo system via portage, but man, that DOES look very neat!


I'm a geek

.. but that is even too geeky for me. I think I will stick to drag'n'drop!

A better way?

I need a better way to manage photos and share them. Currently I use a mish-mash of directories. Just had a look at this and it is very techie although the idea is cool. There's still a lot of room for a feature rich easy to use photo sharing/management platform. Maybe we could start a new discussion about that?

Can't beat flickr

I tried a homegrown solution (which was fantastic, I mean I wrote it, heh) to a really good open source solution (now part of but Flickr just blows them away. It's so easy to use, especially with the windows tools and the community just means I would be very hard pressed to use anything else. I love it, almost as much as my 350d (!)

it might be geeky now

It might be geeky now but this is a huge step forward. Virtualizing the Flickr storage as a file system extension is a major leap and will open up major utility going forward. The UI will improve, the coders will abstract the geekiness soon enough and we will all benefit from the new utility the creatives bring us (next year?).

Sound move by Yahoo! IMHO (buying Flickr and allowing it to continue innovating and staying open). Reflective of their committment to opening up and extending?

I just re-checked the Yahoo! terms governing photo submissions and they are not at all egregious (at this moment). I am re-evaluating my past impressions of Yahoo! and liking them more and more every day.

(Note1: in my Yahoo! re-evaluation as a destination of choice, this didn't help Google any:

Yahoo : define egregious
Google :define egregious

Yes, I am aware that Google is in the middle of an update. A long, protracted update lasting several weeks (so far). I am also aware that Google says they update all the time, always improving, yahyahyah. In summary, as a user I am left with Google NOW vs. Yahoo! NOW at any given time.

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