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What would you say if you could talk to your future self? Now you can at least send your future self an email even if the conversation is decidedly one-way. BoingBoing posts about Forbes service where you can email yourself and have the email delivered at a point in the future.


If I was reading an e-mail from '95

Why didn't you buy single word .com domains you idiot? :)

i never get these message

i never get these message because my old self isn't smart enough to get past my future spam blockers :)

>>95 Dont scoff at that book


Dont scoff at that book selling idea you fuckwit, it'll be big...


Quit playing that damn online game at Line One (?Capitalization) and get back to work.

For those of you that don't know the game - It is quite a bit like SEO, you build several large money making networks and use them to help each other.

Yahoo has this too

and advertises in their Yahoo mail. I think it is kind of a cool idea.

Dear 2005 Self - Out of the

Dear 2005 Self -

Out of the Sandbox yet?

PS. Please tell me I didn't marry this chick.

1995 Self

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