Top 10 Web Moments that Changed the World


The Webby Awards has a list of the top 10 web moments that changed the world.

1.The Dotcom Boom and Bust (1995-2001)
2.The Drudge Report Breaks Lewinsky Scandal (1998)
3.Amazon's Jeff Bezos Named Time's Man of the Year (December 1999)
4.Elections Worldwide (2004)
5.September 11th (2001)
6.Asian Tsunami (2005)
7.Napster Shut Down (July 2001)
8.Live 8 on AOL (July 2005) Booms (2002)
10.SARS Virus Discovered Online (2003)

I agree with some of these, but I'm not sure if I totally agree with the order or the order of importance. Live 8 and I dunno about those two.


Web moments.

SARS and Tsunami not sure I would class those as web moments that changed the world, more like world moments that had an influence on the web.

Google IPO I think should be in there. If nothing else it proves that in some sectors of web business there can be stability.


What about the bloggers breaking the Rather story?

One thing that I think belongs in there was and others breaking the Rathergate story.

Pretty significant that some bloggers, often disparaged by the "traditional" journalists, sleuthed out that story.

I can't believe Yahoo isn't

I can't believe Yahoo isn't in there. Yahoo really was the first search engine that many people knew and developed a relationship with.

mapping the human genome

The race to map the genome was driven by open source and collaboration, and changed the world. Maybe not primarily web design but certainly web.

What about "IT"

Those moments that were supposed to be earth-shaking and ended up being something like a scooter. Was the build-up for that worth the effort?

Live 8 on AOL (July

Live 8 on AOL (July 2005)

Errr, right...

Live 8 on AOL

What? Where?

Live 8

It was quite an acheivment. Probably one the of largest, and without a doubt the most popular webcast of all time.


Top Ten Web Moments that didn't change anything..

Top Ten Web Moments that didn't change anything..

* The Webby Awards.
* Every other 'top ten list' on the net.
* Google update threads.

errr.. and 7 other things


How you read my mind 4Eyes

Netscape IPO

I would have thought that the Netscape IPO would have been there. It definitely made the financial world history.

>>Netscape IPO

the first dot com boom and bust entry starts "Launched by Netscape's IPO in 1995, the dotcom boom spurred trillions of dollars in private investments into the Internet,"


They overlooked one of the most important events: when P*rn first became available on the web. That is what helped trigger the first boom and public rush to connect to the internet.


along the lines of the mastercard commercials...

the WebbyAwards list of Top ten events: $0.02
331,000 "natural" backlinks to your website: priceless

None of that have changed the world

None of that have changed the world. Nor will it.

Added: IMHO

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