Speaking in tongues

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Can anybody translate this please?
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Its either a slow burning URL drop or the birth of a new language, what say the TW crew?


A tag team ad...

...for Efficient Frontiers.

Im with jill

But I'd add that it's no tag team, it's one person, two at absolute most. Look at the way they speak, it's almost straight out of a forum spamming school, and not one of the better ones...

Where's Marcia when you need her eh? She's prolly the only mod over there that would spot that for what it is...

Sheesh, at least take the tim

Sheesh, at least take the time to make it sound like two people. I've found it helpful to use one translator service to translate into one language, then another to translate it back when I needed to ;-)

littleman is pure class - SEMPimper rules

"SEMPimper" now that is awesome!

I think I'll buy a copy too, how much is it ;)

Seriously though, that read like the absolute worst tag team effort I've ever seen - if they were working with shorebreak (efficient frontier sales guy) then they really need to take a pointer or two from him.

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