Computer Associates Calls Sony Rootkits Spyware


Clearly misunderstanding the marketplace Sony DRM installs rootkits. However Computer Associates PestPatrol software flag it as spyware.

Computer Associates, maker of security software, has announced their anti-spyware program PestPatrol will detect and remove Sony's rootkit-enabled DRM software. I spoke to Samuel Curry, Vice President, Product Management of Computer Associates, yesterday and he confirmed that four pests from Sony have been added to PestPatrol's new definitions slated to be released this week. Curry indicated CA's technical researchers spent the last several days testing the software and Sony's patch. Their findings are quite disturbing. The Sony XCP (Extended Copyright Protection) software includes the rootkit, installed with only vague notice and consent to users, has reportedly been distributed on over 2 million Sony BMG CD's

It will be intresting to see who else does the right thing and calls this spade a spade, and how long Sony is willing to stand its ground.


Great stuff

Part of me still feels like Sony is getting away with murder though :O(

I don't download priated

I don't download priated music - I buy the CD's - so I'm pretty pissed that Sony will therefore automatically target my PC if I try playing their music.

I've sent an e-mail of complaint to Sony - I've also just e-mailed Amazon and told them that if any of the CDs I ordered last night are Sony discs containing spyware, then I will be returning them as soiled.

I am not paying good money to have my security compromised like this. Sony's actions are disgusting.

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