Evolution of the Link Monkey


I could have called this "quote of the day", bearing in mind who's writing it. Graywolf says, in regards to recent "Jagger" jabber around the web "so my link monkeys days are numbered. At this point I would rather have one link from a honest on-topic website that is not from the SEO community, instead of 20 from link monkey pages. Remember nobody like a rotten banana".


Greywolf is spot on.

Greywolf is spot on. Unfortunately as with so many SEO trends this is going to take a year or more to filter through the masses. We’re still being asked to build links here, one way and reciprocal. More often than not this is subcontracted work for other agencies who should really know better. We stopped directory submission for our direct clients a year and half ago.

I think the domain age has

I think the domain age has dampened the amount of links. Lots of Links + old domain + big site is what it is about. IMO monkey links still work fine.

I still

see way too much movement in the data centers to make a call about links one way or the other.

I see sites

I see sites with improved Jagger rankings now that are nothing but the results of serious link monkey business.

With you maxd

link monkey works just fine.

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