Hosting: Pre-Built Control Panels vs Roll Your Own

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Your take on control panels!
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Outstanding debate on the various pros and cons of using a pre-built solution for hosting control panels like:

  • Plesk
  • cPanel
  • Helm

versus rolling your own to suit.

This, from the original poster Ashish:

the reasoning behind going ahead with a customised panel was that, many hosting companies that use third party panels like CPanel, Helm, plesk etc. etc. and as these panels are basically as is, they do not really fit hand in glove to the services offered by a hosting company, you basically have to work around it and try and modify your services according to the control panel you use. Many times hosting companies are not able to answer questions regarding control panels as they do not have in depth knowledge of these CP's. They know only what came in the manual.

And if you are not able to solve a customer problem then you are as good as gone.

by the way, has been running a couple of months but is still active - man i need to check the damn dates on these things heh!