Alibaba Push Yahoo! Search in China

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Shak points us to an interfax wire telling of Alibaba's push for Yahoo! Search and it's "8mt race".

Alibaba, China's largest B2B portal, re-launched Yahoo! China on Wednesday with a revised business model focused on search. In order to focus human resources on search, the traditional Yahoo portal has been stripped down so it more closely resembles the homepages of Yahoo's two closest competitors in China, Baidu and Google.

This is the first step of a new aggressive marketing campaign to promote and rebuild the Yahoo! brand in China and make Yahoo! China's largest search brand within 3 years, Alibaba said. The new Yahoo! China portal will focus on three areas: financial and business news, entertainment and sports.

Jack Ma says they have 8mts to beat Baidu...


This is a battle i really wanna see played out

Jack Ma and co don't mess around, and they are the first major HOME team to take on Baidu as such, and not forgetting they have a pile of cash to play with at present.

Be very interesting to see how quick they start pushing out their marketing message, although having Taobao and AliBaba as thei properties gives em instant reach.

And they are very well connected in the Chinese internet space, so expect to see some syndication pretty quickly.


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