Just How Bad do Google Want Your Data?


Pretty badly judging by the intrusion of that little message into my search results this morning.

I've not seen that before, and don't recall anyone mentioning it, but do tell me to shut the fuck up if this is old news...


Never seen that . I guess

Never seen that . I guess they want your data more than they want mine nick !

Erm... what strikes me as

Erm... what strikes me as even more odd are the links to "Try your search on Yahoo, AskJeeves, Alltheweb...."

the butler did it

what strikes me as even more odd are the links to "Try your search on Yahoo, AskJeeves, Alltheweb...."

I think

That that's some kind of greasemonkey addon that Nick has installed in firefox. I could easily be wrong though...




Actually, it's

Actually, it's CutomizeGoogle but that script was originally based on Mark's Butler

No message

I havent noticed that message, but I have noticed thatlateley adsense was clearly customized to the location where I search from. In searching for generic widgets, I have been getting ads that are specific to my neck of the woods. Annoying because I didnt want local widget sites, thats why I was search more generically.


seen that before.

But last night after checking some results on one of the data centers Matt mentioned on his blog, my IP got picked up as an SEO type.

How do I know this? - I started seeing adsense ads (ads for adsense) across the top of the page after a few 'SEO Type' queries, much like what Nick saw and highlighted. I was only able to get rid of the adsense ads after I changed IPs.

Matt, it is not nice to track SEO activities... by IP :-0

Any relation to

Any relation to the patent Google filed for User Profile based results discussed at
Search Engine Journal?

In part

The only way (I know of) to get geographical location of the user is by IP.

I don't think it would be too hard to 'profile' SEO types based on the type of queries being generated, just to name one obvious one, how many 'normal' users use the 'link' command?

If your profiling users, why not profile the users, in this case SEO type folks, that are giving you a royal pain in the ass and costing you millions trying to figure out how to get them to quit messing around with your results?

Learn more?

What did the "Learn more" page say? Were you logged in when this happened (eg. in Gmail)?


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