Online Gambling Sites Breach UK Law?


The Register are reporting on a FT story (sorry can't find URL) that Tess Jowell will be clamping down on the alledged breach of UK Gambling laws. Current laws allow gambling businesses to promote their brands but forbid them from offering inducements to gamble.

"It's clear that some adverts are breaking the law,"

"I am not willing to turn a blind eye to this and have agreed with the Gambling Commission that we should crack down on advertisers and publishers who knowingly break the law."

Whilst these laws are enforceable upon UK based businesses many online gambling companies are based outside the UK but advertising take place within the UK that clearly offers incentives to gamble.

My question is how will this affect current affiliate schemes and in all reality will it mean that Mr Average online gambling UK resident will not have these offers shown to him whereas visitors from elsewhere will and he will therefore undertake some IP cloaking to appear to come from another territory?


On the BBC

"The Department for Culture Media & Sport (DCMS) said it planned to send letters to advertisers, publishers and gambling firms, warning them that the government would no longer tolerate advertisements for internet casinos that offered inducements."

?I don’t know much about

?I don’t know much about British politics, but is this wanker up for re-election sometime in the near future? In the states, you hear lots of talk like this before an election.

When/if I get a letter from the DCMS, I'll post it, then I'll frame it... in the trash can.

>>>but is this wanker up for

>>>but is this wanker up for re-election sometime in the near future?

This wanker is in fact a wankette.

She may be in receipt of a private brown envelope from someone in the UK gambling industry.

Hey, you guys are lucky!!!

Online casino gambling is totally illegal here in Australia, and so is advertising of any sort for a casino. So a few UK sites get pinged for a partial breach? Any advertising on an Australian hosted or .au domain is illegal, to the point that Lasseters (an Alice Springs based casino with online stuff) cant accept Australian gamblers, despite the fact that everyone else does. That's really the definition of stupidity.

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