IBM Introduces Blog Search Tool


This press release from IBM documents their latest offering: Public Image Monitoring Solution, a blog search tool that helps companies keep an eye on their Internet reputation.

From IBM:

"Companies are seeking new ways to better understand how they are viewed by customers, investors and other stakeholders who have an impact on their brand reputation," said Jon Prial, vice president, IBM content management and discovery. "This solution can help clients track and analyze the pulse of the public in real-time, allowing organizations to be more responsive and deliver better service to their customers."

According to InfluxInsights, the technology comes at a price of $100,000.


I'll do that for $90K +

I'll do that for $90K + upsell

I'll do that for $0.-

Absolutely free (+ ads).

Well, perhaps *I* won't, but somebody will: My point is that software prices that high (hundreds of thousands) aren't really sustainable in todays markets, imho. Somebody @ IBM Corp. must have been asleep for a couple of years, or perhaps they only want a handful of customers?

Factiva sells the same

Factiva sells the same service for significantly less.

And my question to both of them, "Ok, you track this crap. Now what do you plan on doing to defend your client's reputation in search results?"

They had no idea and I'm sure they've formed a committee to report to a team leader who will eat lunch with a VP who will get back to me sometime before their product is rendered obsolete.

It'll sell

The interesting thing is that it'll really sell. Your large multi-nationals will actually buy this because it's branded IBM and because they think that the more they pay the more they're getting. I deal with these big guys all the time, I see them make their large hundred-thousand dollar purchases that they could have spent a fraction for elsewhere. A $100k pricetag for a Tyco, Maersk or Lockheed is nothing.

Good point WhiteAfrican

- of course you're right, that's also why I modified my post by saying "or perhaps they only want a handful of customers?"

Still, apart from the fancy name, this is really a commodity type product isn't it? Well, perhaps it isn't yet... I don't really know, but I remember a few services doing exactly that before the last bubble - for free, with ads.

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