Sony DRM: First Trojan Spotted, First Suit Filed


Oh deary deary me, Sony do seem to having a rough time over what they consider the trivial matter of installing a rootkit on customers computers dont they? (trivial because, "nobody knows what a rootkit is", their words, not mine). Well, surprise surprise Sony!



on DRM and such

The European Consumers' Organisation has just launched a campaign website (go have a look) to inform press, politicians, and consumers about their basic rights regarding digital content. IOW, it's digital rights seen from the other side of the table.

There's even a petition and a free music CD for download.

Anybody know a personal P2P app?

Now that we're talking about this stuff - I'm in the process of digitizing my CD collection. Sofar I've "ripped" (I think that's the term) twenty-something gigabyte, and there's still a far way to go.

Anyway, as I want to use my music on more than one machine, does anybody know a "personal P2P application"?

Meaning: A piece of software that will allow me to share files only with peers that know a password that I set, or something?

It must be something that I run on my machine (Win / Linux) as I'm not going to upload several gigabytes to any place on the web.

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