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Hell hath no fury... True or not, the story going around that one unlucky Search marketer had his ex-girlfriend click his search ads thousands of times resulting in the suspension of his account is hysterical.

Absolutely priceless, thanks Barry!


It would be great to know if it's true

If it is true, and if the suspension gets resolved. Funny story.

The WMW thread (now locked behind members only doors **update: seems to allow everyone now) ends with various posters introspectively re-evaluating the way they reveal their websites to others. IMHO that is where the story is... and the AdSense consequences. As uncomfortable as it might be, it is simply unwise to reveal certain aspects of webmastering in today's marketplace.

I take it one step deeper,

I take it one step deeper, it is really best to keep quiet about what you are doing -- keep your circles small when it comes to your web-money.

you ever notice that people

you ever notice that people that have money never talk about money?

Makes you think...

What did he do that got her so pissed lol


Probably ditch her... his search ads consultant.

what he did

In that wmw thread he says she found an IM on his phone from his ex, and assumed he was active with her. Worse still, this one was writing content for him (reportedly good content, for free). Or so the story goes...

>> people that have money

People that have money talk about money *all* the time. Only, they do it with their circle of friends - not out in the open.

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