Here Comes Google Travel.....


We all know that GOOG will eventually move into travel in a big way, it's inevitable right? Well im seeing some little rumours pop up across the blogosphere right now, including the following little snippet...

CoolTechZone::Google Enters the Traveling World, Targets Expedia

Industry sources close to Google and a select number of traveling sites confirmed that the search giant is expected to launch a travel site of its own, which will directly compete against Expedia, Travelocity and a host of similar sites.

What Google can do within the purview of this service is frightfully interesting. It can search for and give you the absolute best fares from virtually all travel sites on the web (similar to a major aggregator). It will then move forward and give you the best rates on your hotel room in a similar fashion.

GOOG want everything. Expedia et al, you're next in the fireing line...


Ooops, thanks to Dan for the

Ooops, thanks to Dan for the link :)

A shot across

While many travel affs will take it as an afront to their business, this is a clear shot across Barry Diller's IAC/Ask bow. If G does it right, it will be a torpedo.

How is this not a major

How is this not a major conflict of intrest?

>> a major conflict of

>> a major conflict of intrest?

Interest is something that's derived from money; no conflict ;-)

They are going to "forget"

They are going to "forget" to put adsense on this one too?

Now which travel entity is

Now which travel entity is part of MSN? And is that the one they are taking aim at?


*LOL* okay, if they forget adsense, then I'd say it'd be a conflict of interest :-)

Travel, Jobs and Porn

If GOOG want to take over all the big markets I wonder if they'll ever go into porn? I look forward to seeing what they do with travel.

Porn?! Here in Mountain View


Here in Mountain View California we put the OOGLE into GOOGLE!


Expedia is no longer owned by MSN. Diller owns Ask Jeeves though, aswell as Expedia.


Yeah, as i said in the

Yeah, as i said in the opener Thomas, we all knew it was coming....

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