Amazon has Patent for Online Customer Reviews


I'm not going to claim to be any sort of an expert when it comes to patent law, but according to Amazon has a patent on consumer reviews

In one embodiment of the patent, the system sends consumers a message inviting them to write a review in a predetermined amount of time after the purchase. It's a method widely used by online retailers, including Yahoo Shopping. The patent also covers the method of tracking who returns to rate products by asking them to click on a unique link in an e-mail.

But the patent even covers collecting reviews by letting visitors to a Web site fill out a form.

Can't see how this one will stand up, but stranger things have happened.


just one quick question....

is the US patent office staffed entirely by idiots or does it just look that way?

Gurtie, you are right.

The US patent office works entirely, and I mean entirely different from the UK patent office. You are totally right. None of these business procedures would get past a patent lawyer, never mind into the patent office.


I'm going to patent breathing oxygen. It will now cost you $5 a month to breath in and out. If you don't pay we'll confiscate your lungs and fine you $100000.

Fine then...

...I'm going to patent absorbing oxygen into the bloodstream through the lungs.

You go ahead and breathe all you want, but you start absorbing any of that oxygen, and you owe me $10 a month.

And we'll confiscate your blood if you don't pay. I've got a team of wannabe-vampire goth kids just waiting to start work.


Here is a copy of the United States Patent.

After reading most of the document, it seems to me that the claims of might be a little exaggerated.

Although this invention has been described in terms of certain preferred embodiments, other embodiments that are apparent to those of ordinary skill in the art are also within the scope of this invention. Accordingly, the scope of the present invention is intended to be defined only by reference to the appended claims.

Clear as a Bell...

Hmmm I'll just call mine "User Comments" and they(Amazon) can go stuff themselves...

And I though the patent for

And I though the patent for dynamic websites was stoopid.

I plan to apply for a patent

I plan to apply for a patent on "procreation"

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