EBay Adds RSS

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Not sure who this is geared for but EBay adds RSS feeds for it's stores.

EBay Inc. has rolled out RSS-based content syndication capabilities to all eBay Stores, letting buyers subscribe to feeds from specific stores and that way receive new information about items for sale, the San Jose, California, company announced this week.

I think the scrapers ... err remixers ... err aggregators are going to have a field day, and prepare for the inevitible onslaught of mashups that will follow.


Did Bidera beat eBay by over a year on RSS feeds?

Naturally, I am a bit biased, but eBay is slightly late to the RSS party.

Site, I am a co-owner of, Bidera Auctionshas been offering RSS feeds by category since June of 2004.

In the summer of 2004 I saw a few other smaller sites start to offer RSS feeds for their auctions, but I believe Bidera was the first.

Perhaps someone else has better info and can suggest general purpose auction site which beat Bidera in this regard. Hopefully, this is one pi****ng contest I can claim to have won..

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