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Bearing in mind that TW is anti-Google, here's this from the UK Guardian blog, an entry entitled 'Reading the Google Tea Leaves'.

"Every time Google comes out with a new product, many people talk about how great it is and highlight the product as a category killer. However, it increasingly appears to me that Google is filling up holes in their offering, in an attempt to match its competitors. Based on that assumption, I started wondering if Google had any product that was truly unique."

Edit: Damn, this is the link to the research piece itself.



He left out classifieds and social networks, and travel and tagging should probably be there, too (no?)

That would be pending (BASE), yes (ORKUT), pending (travel aff stuff) and no. Also, I think image hosting is a category separate from image search (like Flickr). Google has Picasa so maybe something's in the works.

I would also think mapping should be separated because Google Earth/Keyhole and are quite substantial compared to a typical "how to get there from here" mapping service. Then of course there's contextual advertising (publishers are users too).

He's right on about the "Google is a competitive threat" part... look what google maps has done for mapping at Yahoo! and ditto for local search, blogs, and advertising.

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