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Lack of knowledge about seo
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Why is it that web designers as a group, know sweet FA about search marketing? I have to agree with dazzlindonna at seochat when she says that "95% of all the web designers I've ever met never considered SEO when designing a site".

Astonishing really isn't it?

The OP, mick.sawyer says he spent some time at a business convention where lots of designers were pitching their product at the local businesses for thousands of dollars a pop but all he received everytime he mentioned search engines was blanks stares and incomprehension. LoL! Be thankful dude :-)

EGOL said:

Yep, most websites only make money for the web designer and hosting company. Most web designers that I know think that top rankings are a game of chance.

They think that I am simply freekin lucky. Then there are the biz owners who have their brother-in-law or niece build them a site and they can't understand why it gets crap rankings.

It's quiet out there today ('cept for something about backlinks...? heh..) so go check it out, it's a fun read.


Astonishing really isn't it?

no not really - equally 95% of the SEO's I meet are more than happy to totally hash a sites design to make it fit to their SEO purposes (recent comment in response to me saying a change would make a site virtually unusable from a visitors point of view was "my brief is to get it listed in search engines - I don't know about usability and that stuff")

Unless you look at the whole project then you just concentrate on doing your little bit as profitably as possible. There's no direct profit for a designer in spendng hours reading about SEO and, lets face it, the information is pretty conflicting when you do start learning, even down to what to do with the title and description.

If a client's sensible they look for designers who consider other stuff (minor stuff like conversions and usability and marketing - you know the type of thing) and then they'll probably get some basic SEO built in.

Gurtie's right

I've seen heaps of SEO's who've optimised a site with no consideration for the design or site conversions. Web design is not an island, nor is search marketing or usability. They go hand in hand.

The clients that find people that can do all treat em like gold. ;-)

It may surprise you to know....

That I agree with both of you :-)

'twas not meant as derogatory "them and us" rubbish :)

Good designers, like good SEO's are at least passingly familiar with all aspects of the design process IMO

From concept to convertion rate

A mix is best

For most sites a combination of good design and SEO is best – even if purposely designed ugly sites need some thought.

From most SEO sites i would guess its closer to 99.9% of SEO’s that know bugger all about design :), but 95% of designers accounts for many more websites than 95% of SEO’s. Still undecided whether that’s a good or bad thing for me.

Depends whether you're an SEO or a designer really

The less designers know about SEO the better it is for us SEOs - personally I have a tame designer who designs around certain strictures that are set in stone at the start of the work.

Then theres the sites where the client can't afford a profesional designer - they have to put up with my crap until they've made some money from the site and I can persuade them that they ought to think about conversion rate.

Internet Marketing?

Actually, as marketers who went to the Web, we've always taken the view that the site should *sell* -- which means design, usability, SEO, good ad copy, and a few other things need to work together.

Unfortunately, there's no good term for what we do that communicates to the public at large; it all falls into the "web design" category.

Spot on

Unfortunately, there's no good term for what we do that communicates to the public at large; it all falls into the "web design" category.

That's one the biggest problems I encounter. How do you convey to the public that you're more than just a web designer.

or worse...

that you're more skilled than a burger flipper....

even worse....

that'd you'd do a better job than their 8 yr old son who has a computer...

the 8 year olds I can cope with

it's normally when their 18 year old's just done a web design course at college that makes me cry...

(oh and we sell "Web Services" Diane - at least they ask you to explain that ;) )

95% is low

In my experience with web design companies, 95% not knowing anything about SEO is a low estimate - make it more like 99% plus.

The worst thing is, the 95% is a pretty accurate estimate of how many "web designers" are completely clueless about web design.

Seriously, the 8 year olds aren't too bad, it's the guys who have a graphic design background or like playing with computers, and they fire up a cracked copy of Dreamweaver and then claim to be "Web Masters".

These guys have no clue about usability, information design, menu structure, validation, design conventions, anything. You either get a 18Mb smorgasbord of unnavigable Flash, or some dark dank underground feel with grey, non-resizeable 7px text on a black background, with #100; graphics - for a commercial site.

At least with an 8 year old it tends to be colourful. :)

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