Poking Google Base with a Stick to See if it Squeals


Google Base is now live. Gary has been poking around a bit and the upshot is, that he think's it's not something for joe average, at least not yet, and John vaguely agrees. Me? Im undecided, i've not played with it much since we last spoke about it, but i will be having a little dig around later today.

Let's see what we can find out about it eh?

ADDED: I tried to put a wanted ad out for "Non Evil Search Engine" but got this message: " Cannot save item - you have exceeded the maximum of 200 items" -- erm, you know i don't think that's quite correct.

Just what we need, another broken beta launched publically. Nice...


Oops! There was an error


There was an error with the page you requested.

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On first glance it looks

On first glance it looks confusing and not very focused as to what you can actually do with it. Should of just emulated the craigslist look, perhaps ;)


Evil: If you upload a RSS feed all items are published with the email addy from your Google account. Didn't find the switch to turn this off yet, so I had to hand edit each item. Probably worth it to use the predefined attributes.

Seriously, it has a great potential. Hopefully it gets a huge user base soon to pay for my efforts:)

The API documentation is nice, it seems to be possible to automate bulk uploads in a way that new items get listed instantly, triggered by database updates. The limits are weird however, e.g. only one bulk upload daily, but "Google Base Beta allows you to upload up to 1000 items per bulk upload, with a maximum file size of 10MB. Please contact us if you would like to upload a larger file." sounds like it is useable without small business barriers.

Off to play with the new toy.

User interface like adwords

I tried creating an item - the item list looks a lot like an Adwords display of campaigns. Seems Google is into recycling. :-)

where quality is job 2

It may take up to four weeks for us to review this item and take action. Thanks for helping us keep Google Base useful and organized.

ALREADY lots of spam. At least one used car salesman has uploaded tons of car types/years/colors/etc to fill the listings... NOT going to actual cars for sale.

4 weeks for any action on a "bad link" report. Maybe this BASE thing is a honeypot for spammers, so "fresh" stuff gets filtered thru base before getting into Google?

Google have some great lawyers

from their T&C

"You may cancel your use of Google services and/or terminate this Terms of Service with or without cause at any time by providing notice to Google at [email address]; provided....."

what kind of lawyer approves a contract that has [email address] in it??



Yep the way it is set up now, this thing is going to be spammed spammed spammed to oblivion regardless of what their terms state about posting such listings.

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