Teeth-grindingly crap Web2.0 word of the day ...


... is 'ManyMediaries'. Purlease.

Gary Stein, in his Jupiter Research blog, posts a piece entitled Yahoo and the Rise of the ManyMediaries.

It's pre-coffee (well, Coffee2.0) for me, but, if I read him right, the consumer has got it good thanks to the countless choice-channels and outlets on the web, and that organising and grouping all of this is key to SE futures.

The attempts at organizing the ManyMediaries is suddenly the most important strategic plank in a Web that is, once-again, rapidly evolving.

He also quotes Terry Semel:

Social media "is going to be a gigantic piece of what we do," says Yahoo CEO Terry Semel. "I don’t think old media is what people are going to spend most of their time doing on the Internet. This paradigm needs its own inventions, its own methods, its own way to go forward.

Two days, two naff Yahoo buzzwords, 'Shoposphere' and 'ManyMediaries'. I remember when it was all fields 'round here, son.