"Trusted Download Program" announced today...

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... by "Leading U.S. technology companies, including AOL and Yahoo Inc.". [url= http://today.reuters.co.uk/news/newsArticle.aspx?type=technologyNews&storyID=2005-11-16T200605Z_01_KRA602432_RTRIDST_0_TECH-ADWARE-DC.XML&archived=False]Reuters carry a report [/url] on the move that is designed to certify software that tracks Web use and generates online pop-up advertisements, in an attempt to cut down on unwanted spyware and adware.

The organization TRUSTe said it would certify tracking and advertising software if the programs disclose the types of advertising to be displayed, personal data tracked and obtain consent for downloading, among other requirements.
"For the first time companies like Yahoo will have a powerful tool to identify software applications that respect consumers and a means to monitor and enforce compliance over time," Doug Leeds, a Yahoo vice president, said.


I was looking for

I was looking for 'prominently' before the word disclose.

Found it in the Truste press release:

adware and trackware must prominently disclose...

There are other requirements (22 page PDF), including an easy uninstall (with instructions!). More on trusted download.(Dang! that 'About' button links to a Word doc).

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