Scarcity of Ad Inventory? Erm.. Probably not eh?

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Jeff Jarvis, not a chap i find myself in agreement with so often, hits the nail on the head when he says that big sites crying scarcity of ad inventory is absurd. It is.

He's talking about this WSJ story that recounts a frightening tale of stupidity, namely that marketers just starting to divert funds from large, traditional media to internet are, sadly unsurprisingly, treating new media as old. They're treating it like TV.


Basic Sales

This is a basic sales tactic that people have been using in every industry forever. The "we won't have this in stock next week" tactic. Make the product out to be more desirable than it really is.

I have done media buys before and dealt with Yahoo, MSN, and AOL. Yahoo! legitametely sells out of some inventory depending on how specific you'd like it to be. MSN doesn't really seem to care too much about selling it as they are tough to give money to. AOL was as desparate as they come.

Either way, there are other places on the web that sell advertising. Seems everyone who turns to the internet to advertise has blinders on and only wants to advertise on the name brands. To be honest, they are often overpriced and too big of a hassle to deal with.

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