CNET Japan Search Conference

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Many may not be aware, but there's been a little racing and jockeying for position this last 6mts over Japan and China Search conferences with Ad:Tech, SEW and CNET all making major plays to stake out ground in this market, aswell as at least 2 homegrown affairs. (one of which TW very nearly partnered with).

For those interested, Loren is at CNET Japan and covering as much as he can...


Man, given the fact that

Man, given the fact that there are 500 people in this conference room right now (and I'm sitting in the very front, right infront of the stage, with a bitchin' press pass), I'd say that the Japanese Search Conference circuit is kicking oshiri.

It's even more crowded than the Tokyo subway in here.

Plus, CNET folks are really great.

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