Google's Kordestani Cashes out for $200M


Looks like Google's Omid Kordestani is cashing out to the tune of $200M in Google stock sales.


There is a "full" list of declared Insider Dealing

Here on Yahoo

Some of them seem to sell shares every time they have to go out to buy some groceries

I don't know about pricing

I don't know about pricing in your area but you get a LOT of groceries here for 200m :)

Must be time..

to pay for a new megayacht or something..

Hate to think how much the taxman gets from all that anyway!

Is this interesting at all,

Is this interesting at all, is it news, or just jealousy?

is it news, or just

is it news, or just jealousy?

More like inspirational.. ;)

Interesting because

As a Senior Vice President his sales or acquisitions of the company's stock may (or may not) reflect his views on the future possible performance of the company. Just like any other investor, if he believes the share price will drop he should sell, while, if he believes it will rise he should stay, or buy. Of course he might also just assume that he'll get a fresh supply of free shares anyway at a later stage.

Btw. this link does not seem to tell the same story as the headline of this post?

The link in the main story of this post seems to refer to "KORDESTANI, ORNLD & DARYABARI, B. TR'01 (O&B)" - not Omid Kordestani. Probably relatives.

To me it seems he got two and a half million shares in October and have put these in a trust, and then he's been selling "small" portions ever since. It also seems that his (indirect) ownership increased from 0 to 200K shares a few days ago. Also, it seems like he's been shuffling 500K shares around between different funds of his?

Anybody know more about these "Form 144" thingies than me, who can elaborate on this?

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