Psst, sign up for AdWords on my AdSense site


As far as I can see, Google are now adding "Advertise on this site" to the bottom of all AdSense blocks. The details and screen shots are here on Google.. It's unclear as to whether this is to appear automatically on all ad blocks, or whether the publisher opts in.

"Advertise on this site" links in your ad units let advertisers know they have the opportunity to place ads on your site..

When advertisers click on these links, they'll be taken to a landing page from which they can quickly open an AdWords account and create an ad targeting your site.

Customize your landing page to make it even more informative and attractive to advertisers. Under the "My Account" tab, go to your Account Settings page and scroll down to the "Onsite Advertiser Sign-Up" section. Here you can upload your logo, choose a color scheme, and create a custom message that delivers details about your site to advertisers.
Advertisers signing in through your custom landing page will create site-targeted ads that automatically target your site, and your site alone. As they do with all site-targeted ads, advertisers will bid for your inventory on a pay-per-impression basis, and the ads they create
will compete against all other Google site- and content-targeted ads relevant to your site


As an AdSense publisher you are by default subscribed

Found it now on my AdSense account

If you go to "My Account" , bottom of the page there is a section "Onsite Advertiser Sign-up [edit]"

Which in turn enables to opt out if you wish, or edit the landing page if you want it.

Nice one cornwall... I think

Nice one cornwall... I think this is a great idea..Just need to find out if I can have different landing pages for different sites... let me see...


Can I customize the landing page for each of my sites?

No. At this time, we only offer the ability to customize one landing page for each account. Advertisers will access the same custom landing page from ad units on any of your sites.

That's crap.


you can't turn it on or off per-site so you can't even customize it for one site and turn it off on the other.

How do they expect this to work...


I run AdSense but I also sell direct ads to my members so I opted out faster than a democrat trapped in a line to get into a republican fundraiser dinner.

thanks for the info

opted out

negative options

Negative options always suck.

Opted out, it's useless without channels and even if they were there, I couldn't be bothered with setting it up for all but a handful of them anyway.

Google really love assuming that we want every daft idea they come up with.

It's on their blog

Their Inside Adsense blog is describing it now:

"Gain more advertisers right from your site"

No referal fee - No knowledge of sign ups - Not good

How do I know if advertisers are bidding on my site?

At this time, we are not able to provide details about how many advertiser sign-ups are made through your links....yada yada yada

Do I get paid a referral fee for every advertiser I sign up?
No;..yada yada yada

Opted out.

Another good idea badly

Another good idea badly done.
No referral fees
No Site targeting
Opted out!


Opting out!!

Opting out!!

EDIT: Hurry up Yahoo! and MSN. :(

opted out. no way are they

opted out. no way are they going to get a cut from what I could do directly, with no middle man.

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