Ecom: What to do with Dead or Slow Moving Inventory

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Are you on top of your inventory?
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So you have a pile of dead stock taking up space in the warehouse, or a product is showing serious signs of being dead in the water from the get go, whaddaya do?

sun818 asks the above of the wmw ecom guys and get's some good answers and discussion for his trouble.

From luckychucky

I have a huge dataBase of strong buyers, my solid regular customers, and they certainly love a good deal. Problem is I don't want to ruin them with a flood of crappy merchandise sold at my cost. For one thing, they'd get stuck with slow-moving stinkers which would haunt their future opinion/ re-ordering of my products. They won't remember the bargain offload price. They'll only see unsold, dead merchandise and think of me, full of resentment at having been duped, burning with regret over getting suckered into a ton of junk, just because they couldn't resist a bargain..

and from Rogerd

The really, really important thing is to spot the bad inventory EARLY while you still may be able to market it at a reasonable price. If you sell fruit or fish, your inventory will let you know when it is going bad; if you sell computer parts, fashion merchandise, or anything else, though, you'll have to rely on your sales tracking systems.

I've had good luck with closeout flyers (by mail) or "specials" pages (on the web) to move odds and ends at a reasonable price. If you've made a major buying error, though, relying on some kind of jobber/liquidator may make sense.