Wordpress 2.0 Beta


According to Scott Jarkoff Wordpress 2.0 beta 1 has now been released. It came out over the weekend and can be downloaded from from a link on his site (under Linkblog Asides)

I assume that there will be some bugs in this release and there will also probably be some of the plug-ins that don't work. I tried to put the direct link here but it didn't work coming from this URL.

Over at Cavemonkey they have already updated their plug-in that enables Google Analytics logging.



I will go and investigate :O)

WordPress 1.6, not 2.0

I believe WordPress is on version beta 1.6, not 2.0. Here is the official Testers list for WordPress in November 2005.


The hosted service is now live to all too


I downloaded what is supposed to be version 2.0 beta and the readme file is showing 1.5.

Think I was conned? Strange how two different sites had mentions of it. It's a conspiracy I tell you.....

Hosted service ...

chrisgarrett, did you mean wordpress.com? So far as I know, that's someone other than Matt & Co.

Google Analytics Plug-In

Well at least this is new. There is a Google Analytics plug-in for Wordpress here.


I thought it *was* matt and co, didn't they snatch the domain "back"?

You're right ...

Chris, you're right; whois shows Matt as the domain owner. Sorry; it slipped my mind.

Well, then. Cool. I'm curious to see what's new, such that upgrading would be worth it.

Definately Matt, i spoke to

Definately Matt, i spoke to him about it when i got my "golden ticket" heh..


Definitely my mistake; no excuses here. :)

What's the fuss about

So, what's the cool thing about Wordpress, except that a few of you seem to know Matt? (I presume he is behind it in some sense)

(afaik, there are dozens of blogging packages out there)


There are lots of blog packages but WP is the best.


Well, that's a matter of personal preferences I guess. I do see it powering a lot of SEO related blogs.

I'm a novice to "modern" blogs, that's why I'm asking. I did the blog stuff some four years ago or so, but abandoned it again, so now I'm checking out the various opportunities.

A few days ago I tried WP myself, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised as I was up and running in no time, and I managed to integrate it into an old site with a really impossible table-based layout with plenty of graphics in just a few hours.

But, I thought "that's just the way these things work". I didn't think it was because it was WordPress. However, I've got a few blog packages more to test out and integrate into that impossible design (If I can make them do that, I can make them do anything), so I guess I'll find out.

Btw, Chris I read your reviews over at Perfomancing: Good stuff, but I missed a few relevant ones. I'll just get over there and register so I can comment :-)


I am planning some more before long, they just take so darn long to do!

feature freeze for 2.0

David House posted this to the dev list:

Now we've entered beta, would it be appropriate to call a feature
freeze? This would mean a couple of things:

* Any new code is just bugfixes
* Setting the milestone of all 'enhancement' bugs to 2.1

Personally, I think a couple of weeks worth of bug reporting and
subsequant squashing would be the way to prepare WP for 2.0 final. Any
new features are likely to introduce just as many bugs as get fixed by
them, and I'm sure there's still quite a few bugs lurking around the
tinymce and cache areas (for example) that really need to be fixed for
2.0 final.

Now you can peek at Version 2.

More news on Version 2 - Now you can have a peek at what is behind - here. It is now in beta 2.

Multiple blogs on one page?

WP currently supports multiple blogs, but not on the same page. Will WordPress 2.0 support multiple blogs on one page? THAT is THE feature that WP needs most.

Merry Christmas from Matt M.

from the WP dev list:

Core support people have requested a delay until after Christmas in order to prepare upgrade documentation and enjoy the holidays a bit before the release.

This, combined with the fact I haven't got the changes to wordpress.org ready, is pretty compelling, so the release is currently planned for the 26th of December.

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