Spam Reporters - Google Wants You!

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Spam Reporters - Google Wants You!
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Like to report spam to Google? - Wet your pants with excitement everytime you spot some hidden text? - Your in luck, Google are hiring. See the threadlink above for details.

Google, Inc., the search engine company based in Mountain View, California, is recruiting part-time remote workers to help with search quality evaluation on a project basis. Candidates must be web-savvy and analytical, have excellent web research skills and a broad range of interests. Specific areas of expertise are highly desirable.

Participants in web evaluation projects must have a high speed internet connection. All applicants must be U.S. or Canada based and must have the corresponding work permit.

What are you waiting for? Dive in, get paid!

Link via inlogicalbearer - Thanks Eric, for everything :)


Now, what does this say? hmmmm....

Does it say what most of us know already? That Google cannot control their SERPS algorythmically and thus need humans to spot check high visibility results?

Or... {drum roll...} Eric and I have misread it and they will explain what it means promptly so nobody gets confused..

We shall see..

Excellent opportunity for abuse?

I think it might just be another one of those psychological tools that creates the impression that G are on the warpath and are employing an army of manual serp checkers dedicated to weeding out spam.

Interesting quote of Googleguy's made June 2003 from wmw

That anti-spam job post will spread like wildfire and create a few thousand lines of press copy too. Wonderfully, inexpensively effective advertising from the googleplex.

Don't be an SEO Narc

Maybe I just have a soft side for the intracacies of language, but I'm wondering if "Quality Rater" and "Spam Reporter" are really the same thing? Please don't be an SEO Narc

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