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Feedburner's weblog Burning Questions has a nice report on how feeds will change the way content is distributed, valued, and consumed.

They go over the changes since early 1993 when the majority of feeds came from blogs and now they also come from podcasts, commerical publishers, web services, watchlists and other peer-producted content. The paper doesn't really mention SSE but does speak about a feedback loop.

Since the feed data is semi-structured, it is possible to enhance the feed with 3rd party services in a generalized way. Meta-data can be readily incorporated and other content can be spliced into the feed based on easily parsed feed elements. To illustrate this point, FeedBurner has been providing a number of basic feed enhancement services like meta-data additions (Media RSS, iTunes tags) and content splicing (links and photos) for some time now. But why should these enhancements only apply to the feed?

We can leverage the benefits of feed structure to allow publishers to provide a feedback loop to the Web site; the feed can become input to content on the site. There are unique capabilities that can be provided to the site as a function of performing transformations and enhancements to the feed derived from that web content. FeedBurner will be making several announcements throughout the winter regarding a thoroughly open approach to leveraging the structure of the feed in order to add activity and meta-data feedback to the site.

The current report is only the first in a series of reports. It can be viewed in HTML here and in PDF here.


since early 1993 when the

since early 1993 when the majority of feeds came from blogs

heh. blogs have been a buzzword for far longer than I thought.

Good info

Besides that nice typo (did it mean 1999 or 2003?), pretty interesting article.

It is rather obvious that RSS feeds are becoming less dependant on blogs for quality content. Of course question is do other sources provide better content.. For example, our Bidera Auctions provides RSS feeds for all auction listings. Is that valuable content? To some it may not be. However, to many it might become valuable meta-data.

We are not alone in doing this though, since even big eBay has finally started doing the same thing.

I just interviewed Dick

I just interviewed Dick Costolo from FeedBurner, their CEO -- doesn't talk about this much, but it's a good read if you're interested in ads in RSS.

And i signed up to try it on TW -- just to test the water, not expecting to make any money from it but really want to see it on our own feeds and see how it all works...

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