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I havent seen this anywhere else, except for Darren's, but apparently Google is testing a new click-to-call service. In traditional Google style, it is a little different than "traditional" pay-per call advertising.


In addition, we’ll delete

In addition, we’ll delete the number from our servers after a short period of time.

Like in 2038?

...for no longer than 4

...for no longer than 4 months after the last time you used the service.

This guy has screenshots:

No out yet

Apparently this is being tested in a small amount - but rolling out at a later date. If it does not show a way to be successfully monetised - ie. added cost should have added return - it will be pulled and reworked. Original launch date was 11-15 but it had to be pushed back.

Successfully monetized?

How about 5-10X higher CPC's? Check out Ingenio's pricing to get an idea of how much higher advertisers are willing to pay for calls than clicks.

pay for calls

I would pay 10 times... you have a voice

It'd be more convenient for consumers...

...if G, Y, & M somehow combined pay-per-click with pay-per-call, and set up custom toll-free numbers on advertisers' sites... perhaps using a javascript code that detects the referrer (from G, Y, or M respectively). A limited potential for abuse, but less so than with pure PPC, IMHO.

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