Church of the Customer are talking about Amazon's ProductWikis. I can't see the links they have pictured on the post myself, but we may be able to put that down to poor eyesight. If it's right, and Amazon are providing customer editable wiki's for products, it's cool, but you have to wonder about the amount of manpowe needed to police THAT beast...


The post looked interesting,

The post looked interesting, but like you I couldn't find a live example. As far as man power goes, I'm sure Amazon can just divert man hours from their comment police.

I'd love to see trackback support, but *that* would definitely open up a can of worms.

It's an internal-only Wiki

What they fail to mention is that the Wiki is internal-only, i.e. you can only link to Wiki terms that are hosted on Amazon. No links to anywhere else. Just like they do with user reviews and other user-submitted content.

There's a way for people to report offensive content, so it shouldn't be any harder for them to police than the other stuff. I talked about this yesterday in a posting on Amazon stickiness with some sample screen captures of the wiki and the tagging.


They can always rely on their mechanical turks to police it.. ;)

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