WMW gone from Google


Well, it did not take long. Following a SEW story WMW is now gone, nothing not even home page. Try it for yourself on G - Webmasterworld



$150US gets one a copy of vbulletin that handles a million plus posts, handles 10's of thousands of visits a day and *gasp* search facility.

Wheel, As all the cool WMW

As all the cool WMW kids will tell you, all you have to do is use the recent posts link, or profile link to find what you are looking for on the board. You don't need search facility!

I wish Google would get rid of the search box as well and go to pure browse mode. :)

It was done on purpose

Speculate away, but it was intentional.

Archives and/or search for

Archives and/or search for subscribers only?

Odd, clicking the Google

Odd, clicking the Google search link above shows this for me:

Results 1 - 10 of about 1,690,000 English pages for webmasterworld.

Link is pointing to all

Link is pointing to all pages with "webmasterworld" in them.. should be site:webmasterworld.com

Thanks YS, corrected :)

Thanks YS, corrected :)


Let us all "move on".


I couldn't have said it better MrMackin.

I wonder if somepeople are

In reponse to a series of complaints
Brett_Tabke said:

I wonder if somepeople are just wanked that their profile will no longer pass pr? So it comes back to their inability to game google through webmasterworld. interesting... this must be what G feels like during an update. lol

Number 76 here: http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum9/9593-8-10.htm

God that guy is an ass, always trying to shift blame and confuse issues.

Then further down he says you can't allow search engines in by IP and force others to log in cause thats cloaking. Well why not ? Even if you got a cloaking penalty ( which he wouldn't ) then your not any worse off than when you banned the bots. Furthermore I think he knows that, or he should and he is lying and trying to cloud the issue.

but the best qoute is the last from incrediBILL in reference to why Brett doesn't use css and drop some tables to lighten the bandwidth load:

Remember, this is just Webmaster World, not Good Webmaster World!

Nice Bill!!!


they're trying to force a login again

What an interesting thread

I'm still not sure you need to be logged in just to read the recent posts list or some thread. I've seen it when my referrer was TW for a long time, that's not new.

A better quote

Glad you liked that one webprofessor but I thought I had a better one on my blog:

In the immortal words of REM:
"It's the end of the (webmaster) world as we know it and I feel fine"

Now I get the login screen

Now I get the login screen as well. I'm not sure I like it, but WMW was always one of very few places where I would log in anyway, so there's no real difference.

Is it true...

...that WMW is now "paying members"-only? Why?

The text on their home page is vague-ish (especially when read on a Sunday morning before coffee)

"paying members"

Don't think so Wit, I am not a paying member and I can post OK

I think it only means that you have to accept cookies. See this thread.

It has a long explanation from BT

I see.

I guess the many "subscribe" links/logos/boxes - scattered across their pages - overshadow the need to register? link a bit. Just checking.


Perhaps that's where he's going with it though?

Subscriber-only would actually put all the pieces into place and make the whole unindexing thing finally make sense.

Time will tell. (Shall we take bets as to when it gets announced?)


I SOOOOO feel like I'm missing out on good stuff at the moment. I just...have...to........subscribe

get a grip..

it's alway been free - for years actually, but now it seems the pressure is on..

btw can you post here at TW (em = anonymously) without registering?

So WMM takes it one step further and decides that you have to register, still for free, to read (do some sites out there not actually charge to read already?), who on this earth really can blame them?

Barry just interviewed

@ Suzy -

I don't think people are really blaming them for anything like that. It's just that the bigger picture is -well- Dali-like and there's a lot of speculation.

BTW I like that interview a lot. Not even a lot to read between the lines at first glance: kudos to both B and B :-)

To be fair, wmw is holding

To be fair, wmw is holding up pretty well. Yes, I know it's because of the current membership and that new members will slow down --but there comes a point where a community generates its own critical mass and BT has decided that it's time to test that.

There's been a lot of comments. privately and publicly, that this is a slap at search engines. I'll only comment by pointing to the fact that the name change from SearchEngineWorld to WebmasterWorld was a herald of things to come (and that time has long since passed).

Personally, I think wmw is past the tipping point and can start shutting doors to the outside world. Plenty here won't like that. Too bad.


Can't say as I blame Brett.

I have been fighting with all these bots myself.

It is frustrating to see all that bandwidth wasted and your site slow down so much that real visitors go somewhere else.

As a matter of fact today is 'Cyber Monday' a big big BIG day for online sales, first thing this morning I had googlebot, slurp and M$N all over one of my sites and they slowed it down so much that 'real' traffic was ?virtually stopped for about two hours... Talk about being angry, my blood was boiling...

Before anyone asks, yes, I do have crawl delays on the robots.txt.


Ah - that whould have been quite advanced... Guess the bots need some education on that


Some bots are 'educated' in the crawl delay, but your right Wit, most are not.

Crawl Delay - Just another (almost usless) step in trying to control these bots.

Subscription Only?

It should be subscription only. It would filter out a load of crap and I might then go back to reading it.
My interest along with most others used to reside in the Google forum which is now mainly pure teenage nonsense.
Shame because there are still some very bright sparks there whose insight is useful but its just not worth wading through all the shite to find the gems.

maybe the onboard search

maybe the onboard search will be subscription ...you know, free to look -even bookmark- but if you want to actually find something ever again, S.O.L.

Bots be damned

>> I have been fighting with all these bots myself.

I just had one of the greedy little pigs crash my server today. Well, crash is a harsh word, it was still responding in slow motion but so completely overloaded that I just rebooted to regain control, the hell with it.

We aren't talking civilized bots like Slurp or Googlebot, we're talking offline readers and scrapers as I have virtually everything else banned.

Back to work on my honeypot to auto trap and block these idiots.

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