Got my Copy of Jeremy's Blog Marketing Book


Thanks to Jeremy for the advanced copy of his new blog marketing book, i've been looking forward to it. Im a bit of a slow reader, but there's already a review over at blogcritics, though im not gonna read it, lest it taint my sceptical, cynical mind with fluffy bloggy thoughts heh..


Thanks for the heads up

Just ordered my copy from my local indie bookstore (run by our town's crazy cat lady. Gotta love an old dark bookstore with creaky floors that smells like cat urine and has 2 huge cats lurking in the corners). She tells me nothing available til next reprint end of December. Guess I'll have to wait.

I'd order it from the big stores except I haven't browsed for books since this store opened. The owner knows my tastes, I just walk in and she hands me two or three books. A few months ago I get a call that 'my book is in'. When I suggested that I hadn't ordered a book she assures me she ordered it for me, knowing I'd like it.

Anyone in Canada that read about the town that changed to New Hogsmead (it made international news)when the last harry potter book came out, that's the town I'm in and that's an example of what this indie bookstore is doing. Anybody that can get our local conservative mayor to dress up like whoever-that-old-wizard-is-in-HP gets my busines.

Anyway, that reminds me that it's Friday at 5 and apparently my mind is wandering. That, and I really need to speak to that woman about an online initiative :).


Might pick this one up.. The wife has just started a blog to gain interest in the book she has been writing. No idea how to market the blog so this could be really helpful.

Unless anyone know some really nice sweet free tips to get tons of traffic? ;)

Just bought a copy, looks

Just bought a copy, looks like Amazon got some more in. I look forward to reading it


I can't believe people are still into the arcane practice of killing trees to publish a damn book - Sell me a PDF DAMMIT!

I love reading real books.

I love reading real books. Nothing like sitting down to a book after a full day of work on the computer.

Of course if they made books out of hemp or something a little more renewable, I wouldnt complain.

At the very least Jeremy should look into providing the option for those who like PDF's to be able to get them. He could also use a publisher who uses recycled paper.

Recycled Paper

Pollutes as well, more chemicals, bleach, etc.

I'm not an activist by any stretch of the imagination but birds and squirrels need the trees more than the book.

We are probably getting off

We are probably getting off topic here. I'm sure most people reading this would rather read about Jeremy's book then the paper it is written on.

I agree with what you are saying but I think books are far from being the worst thing being done with paper from trees. Not everyone is so blessed to have a computer to read .pdf's, and I would hate to deprive people of knowledge.

Unfortunatly the people who deserve and need books the most are usually the poorest. Tree paper is the cheapest to produce. That doesnt mean that industrialized countries shouldnt invest the money to develop cheap alternatives.

For those of you interested, greenpeace has a great article about the subject, or more importantly what is being done about it and what we can do as individuals.

An area of ancient forest the size of a football pitch is destroyed every two seconds.
(That's 7000 m2; the FIFA cited average.)

A staggering 80 percent of world's original ancient forests have been destroyed or degraded. Much of what remains is under threat. Each year millions of hectares of ancient forest are logged, driven by international demand for cheap timber and other wood products including paper.

Back on track


I think the question of

I think the question of whether Jeremy is planning on providing a .PDF version is on-topic and definitly worth asking. Jeremy, if you are out there, are there any plans to do so? There are plenty of secure .pdf and ebook formats that can insure that your book isnt easily copied, and Im sure there would be a demand for it.

Jarrod ...

What formats ensure that an ebook can't easily be copied? Plenty of authors have been waiting for that one.


Anyone know if google has scanned this book yet?

I don't really want to pay for it... but it might be worth a quick free read.

What formats ensure that an

What formats ensure that an ebook can't easily be copied?

Adobe does have some DRM stuff although few people know about it or use it.

The sales letter is a bit hyped up, but offers rights management.

back on track again...

I just bought Blog Marketing off Amazon.

Hi Diane, Any format that

Hi Diane,

Any format that makes it a "little tougher" is about as secure as Im sure they come. I'm sure any of them can be copied easily with some sort of crack/program or a $25 payment to an overseas person to manually copy it. I guess the point would be to just make it a little tougher then cut and paste.

Sounds like you would know more then me though, I've never attempted to secure an ebook.


Thx, Aaron. And Jarrod.

Sorry everyone

Sorry this took so long everyone. I'm sure few folk'll read this...

But, the plan is to provide a PDF after the first run of books has sold through. There will also be Amazon's "search inside the book", which will let anyone browse 10-20 pages of free content.

To be honest, publishers are generally still trying to figure out doing PDF's is worth it to their business model. Because this was my first book I couldn't push hard on everything, though I wish I could have gotten a PDF release at launch.

That said, I'll point the publisher to this thread to indicate interest and see if we can't generate some movement. After all, the PDF's are already done (they're how McGraw-Hill does galleys these days). Can't imagine it'd be that much work to make it "Amazonable".

If anyone does want a quick read before they buy, I'm happy to send a chapter or 2. Just drop me an email ( and I'll send whichever chapter you want over :)

Thanks Jeremy, I just got my

Thanks Jeremy,

I just got my hard copy. I've got about ten new books to read so I'm not sure when I will get to it, but if its good I'll be sure to give you a review on my blog.

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