What FF Extensions Do You Use?


I was sorting my FF extensions yesterday, and thought it worth trawling for suggestions here for others. Don't know how many of these things one can heap on FF before it starts complaing of indigestion. Probably says too much to the world about what you do on the web, when you look at someones list of extensions!

Currently I am using, what am I missing:-

Pagerank Status



Try SEOpen


That's a pretty extensive list.

Here are some that you can give a try.Though simple they are very effective.

Countdown Clock
Password Maker
RSS Panel
Customize Google

I really appreciate the added functionality - no indigestion yet

Bookmarks synchronizer
Great for keeping the same bookmark list on several pcs

Copy plain text
When copying eg. a link, you do not always want anything but the title without any kind of formatting

Sessionsaver 2
Great extension! Opens the usual windows and tabs every time you start FF

Use this a lot with news sites - relaods the page every 1, 2. 5. 15 or custom minutes

I'm not a FF fundamentalist

Google Pagerank Status

I have geographical data on some sites - and it lights up if a site I visit also uses lat/lon positioning headers

To figure out what is being sent and received between browser and website - VERY useful

A kind of site information system used especially by public institutions - lights up if such data are available at a site


Adds usable options

Adds print option in menus where the design team "forgot" to put them. :-)

Pretty obvious?

To view mobile sites - easier than having to use your cellphone al lthe time

Added tab functionality

Image Zoom
Allows you to zoom in or enlarge images on websites - very useful

SEO Links
Pretty new on my list - haven't used it much yet


InFormEnter can be a great help for directory submission etc. SearchStatus has some very useful shortcuts - perhaps a good alternative to PageRank Status and maybe even SEOpen?

Have also been playing with TestGen4Web . It's a lot of fun ;)... This from the objective:

There is a need for a tool which can record user actions on firefox. Save the recording to an xml file, also replay the saved recording.

The output of the recorder can also be translated into automatic testing scripts...


and SessionSaver are my favorites / most used - i have a bunch, but most have been listed by others above me...

We're in the process of building a new blogging one, that i hope to let you know about in a couple of weeks too...

I'm so lazy...

...(and pressed for time) that I also use Mouse Gestures, so I don't need to move all the way to the top right with my mouse pointer to close a tab.


Although not an extension but rather an app - MozBackup will allow for an entire back-up of your Firefox profile and gives options to include passwords, cache etc. This sits firmly as one of my favourites and backups can be saved in any designated folder. The utility will also let you restore a full back-up. Added bonuses it will backup Thunderbird and Mozilla.

Other extensions I use:
Tabbedbrowser preferences
Resize Search Box
Meta Tags
Add BookMark Here
SEO Links


I must be behind the curve as I haven't installed any of that stuff. Being previously burned by installing IE tools that destablized the whole mess I think I'm a wee bit gun shy as spending a day trying to figure out WHICH free pile of junk screwed up everything and uninstalling 20-30 programs just to get back to ground zero was NOT fun.

I couldn't live without...

Adds formatting for forum posts. Totally rocks if you post a lot (or even a little!) Can even customize your own codes which is a huge time saver for me.

Allows me to highlight a phrase or anything on a page and it puts it into my clipboard. Doesn't seem like something you'd need, until you start using it and realize how much you do copy stuff. (I often forget to hit CTRL-c now when I'm in other applications because I use auto copy so much.)

Puts an X on tabs to close each tab individually. (Can also get this functionality with many of the tab extensions. Can't live without my X on the tabs!)

View Formatted Source
This one is kinda neat. You can highlight a section of a page and view the source code for just that bit.

PDF Download
This one allows you to choose to view a PDF link in HTML! Great if you're on a slow machine like I am and don't want to wait a half hour for Acrobat to open. Also has an option to view the PDF in Google's cache if for some reason it's internal viewer doesn't work right.)

IE Tab
Found this one here in another thread. Allows you to open up those pesky pages that only with with IE, right in an FF tab. Invaluable if you have something like Quickbooks Online that needs to use IE.

Plus many of the others already mentioned by others.

Make Link

is the one I use most. Puts html link to the current page into the clipboard using the pages title as anchor text.


Some of the stuff already

Some of the stuff already listed +

Ebay Negs!
Yahoo toolbar
webpedia toolabr

Has anyone got a

Has anyone got a spellchecker that works with latest FF, but ISNT the GOOG toolbar?

Spell checker for Firefox (and everything else)

There's a little program called Tiny Spell that loads as a background process and watches your keyboard. It checks every word (alphabetic string, that is) followed by a space or a punctuation mark, and goes *ping* through your sound card if it sees a word not in its dictionary.

Do alt+: (or the shortcut of your choice as configured), and up pops a list of replacement words, plus the option to add to dictionary. Automagically replaces misspelled words, usually all you need to do is alt+:, glance at the replacement word that's hilighted, and hit Enter.


Try ColourZilla. Gives you

Try ColourZilla.
Gives you an eye dropper tool for selecting hex colours on pages into the clipboard.

Sweet for tuning things like google ad formats etc.

FasterFox - GUI for tuning

FasterFox - GUI for tuning performance

my extensions

Web Developer
useragent switcher
Adsense notifer
customize google


...you will have less issues if you use profiles with FF. Create a new profile (start up FF with the "-p" option if I recall right) and install all your extensions. When you get things right you are set. If things go awry, just kill the profile directory and start over with a new profile until things are good. Import other stuff later (cr@p, cannot remember if you can later). It works pretty well for me.

Of if you are going from IE to FF...create a new profile in FF (importing your IE stuff), install extensions, if all works well, you are good, if not, kill profile and start over with another (err, new) profile (can be the same name if you kill off your other one). I have not had any issues with this methodology.


nice thread

- I'm on my way to bed, so i can't post my big list. But here's one that's been around for a while, only I just installed it a few days ago.

Actually I had started to write an extension myself that was supposed to do what this one does, and then I found it. It comes in two flavours:

RSS Panel (Greasemonkey script)
RSS Panel (Firefox Extension)

What it does is that it displays a little box with the current feed when you visit a site that has a feed. Now, that sounds like it's totally useless, but it's totally great. Why? Because all those clueless bloggers put the links to their dang RSS feeds in a million different places (or hide the link completely), and with a million different labels.

With this plugin you always know exactly where to find the RSS link.

Bonus link: Some great Web Developer extensions (that are updated for Firefox 1.5rc3) - from the blog of Mozilla Developer Deb Richardson. Good stuff.

Well i installed spellbound,

Well i installed spellbound, and the libraries, and i've restarted but i have no spellcheck :(


try Spellcheker for Edit Boxes - http://www.quinion.com/mqa/spell.htm - if memory serves that works with FF.

Ahhh.. im on Linux Woz :)

Ahhh.. im on Linux Woz :)

I Have a few favourites...

I had a post about my firefox extensions - My Fire Fox Extensions

But my number one favourite is the adblocker. Second to that is the web Developer Toolbar.


Ahh, sorry 'bout that Chief.

"but i have no spellcheck "

It only comes up when you right click and are actually writing something - if you just try on an existing web page, you will not see it on right click.

Took me a while to realise that !

i an writing something now,

i an writing something now, and have no context menu option for it :(

I can't live without seeing.....

That little green tick for my sites :-)

Tiny HTML Validatory

I can't live without

I can't live without seeing.....

That little green tick for my sites :-)

A great idea, the only problem with it is it's accuracy. I tested this on validated pages and while it gave some perfect results, it returned flase erros on other known validated pages that when checked against W3C validation tool didn't pan out at all. IMO using proprietory tools to check for validation can leave for error. It's a nice indicator but not to be used as gospel.

some of my favorites

MeasureIt -- Allows you to measure, in pixels, the size of a given space on your screen.

Colorzilla -- Gives you the hex and RGB code for a color in your browser (even an image).

Gmail Delete Button.

Good List I use: Web

Good List
I use:
Web Dev
Live HTTP Headers
Objection (Removes Flash MX data)
Goog PR Status
Link Checker (sometimes unreliable?)
Modify Headers
ViewSourceWith -- I hate the Mozilla source veiwer, it alters HTML on you

Will try SEOpen

Abe Vigoda Status

You can find it here:


Basically just keeps you up-to-date on whether he is still alive.

I've got

Add Bookmark Here
AdSense Notifier
Bandwidth Tester
Copy Plain Text
Fangs Screen Reader Emulator
Favorites Converter
Gmail Notifier
Googlebar Lite
IE Tab
IE View
Image Zoom
Live HTTP Headers
Screen Grab
Slim Extension List
Tabbrowser Preferences
User Agent Switcher
and of course, Web Developer.

My Extensions

My Favorites

- All-In-One-Sidebar (Sidebar similar to Opera sidebar)
- Paste and Go (paste your URL and click Go in one paste - similar on Opera)
- Google Preview (inserts website previews in Google & Yahoo search results)


- Sage (RSS Reader)
- Text size toolbar
- Web Developer
- Customize Google

Great List

All I have are listed except:

Search Status
Lorem Ipsum Generator
Screen Grab

Couple more

ScrapBook is very useful for local saving and organisation, Der Browser Timer is simply a toolbar clock and timer/alert, maybe handy for those who never leave their browser.

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