PR Bloggers Naval Gazing

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Trevor Cook talks about the PR echo chamber. I have to agree, i ditched my entire folder of PR RSS a few months back, talk about a cut off section of the blogosphere. Dull as dishwater 95% of it.

While there are a lot of PR blogs out there they don't seem to be attracting much notice beyond themselves.
Perhaps that's just the nature of the industry, no-one but us practitioners care much about PR.

Here's a tip: If you PR bloggers weren't so far up your own arses with self importance, and so busy groveling at the feet of anyone that might vaguely be an A-lister, you'd be a lot more interesting.



yup I think a lot of bloggers in general fail to grasp that people will read their blog if its interesting, they won't read it just 'cos its a blog... same as PR will work if its good and not just 'cos a company starts a blog.

Any of you remember being told on pain of death not to issue a press release unless you actually had news (or really could make it look like news?) well sometimes I think someone forgot to mention that to some cluetrain devotees.

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