Government websites fail to meet standards


The Register runs the following story - Elderly, disabled not being served. A choice quote:

The vast majority of public service websites in Europe are failing to meet international e-accessibility standards.

That's according to a report released by the UK EU presidency, which shows that a mere 3 percent of public service websites are fully meeting the terms of the minimum accessibility requirements as stated by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) guidelines.


surprise surprise

and have you ever tried to get a chance to pitch for a .gov? The specs are incomplete (even for the initial tender to be allowed to quote so you can have a chance to pitch) they ask you a variety of utterly irrelevant questions, want you to provide confidential stats for just about every client in the past 5 years and don't ask you anything about how well you actually create sites, whether people can use them or if you can actually meet the requirements in any meaningful way.

But that's Ok 'cos you're unlikely to get beyond round 2 anyhow :)

Bitter? me? naaaah.

Worked on a .gov once

I believe the beautiful spam we made for them at the time is still online. Yes, it is.

no better over here

I built several for the US, all of them still online.

Back then our 508 Accessibility guidelines were evolving... so I wrote a blurb about how we don't strictly adhere to emerging guidelines, but follow best practice, stay informed, etc. FIVE YEARS LATER those excuses are still in place, unchanged. Of course the 508 standards evolved and stabilized after one year or so.

Funniest part of that? They are disability info sites!

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