Google vs Affiliate Marketers - Update

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Google - Affiliates - Update
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From Shak at webmasterworld who is usually in the know about this kind of stuff:

Google are going to be making serious serious changes to the whole affiliate > merchant via ppc stuff.

early reports indicate an "auction" based system where advertisers fight it out on who can bid, and only 1 advertiser per site as such.

So, is a big affiliate shake down coming or what?


87% of affiliates polled rely on organic

Some people at WmW think of affiliate marketers as banner farms and/or "direct traffic drivers" with no website of there own. Shak knows better than that.

I put a poll in the field at ABW over this past holiday weekend.
May not have been the best choice of timing.

The question was as follows:
What percent of your traffic is Organic, PPC, Bookmarked based?
What if adwords cut affiliates off?
Could that happen?
Please rank your top traffic source.

13% said bookmarks - [prollloy mall sites]
87% said organic listing

Now I'm sure that some affiliates supplement their traffic with adwords but those results tell us a lot about affiliates. adwords is not their major traffic source.

TrustNo1®, ABW Trusted Member®. commented as follows:
"I wish people would stop that. Panicking some people for no reason. They're not cutting affiliates off. First you have people on message boards say they have inside sources that say they're going to do this, then you have others posting Google reps have no plans in doing this and even had a recent Adwords University in England for affiliates. So right now it's just a bunch of guessing by people who have no idea. I've seen a couple scenarios being talked about. One where they cut off affiliates from sending traffic directly to the merchant, which would have no affect on me since i bring them to my site first. Then one where only 1 ad per domain via some kind of auction (again speculation, who knows), which wouldn't have any affect on me also since i'm sure no one else would be spending money to send people to my site, except me Affiliates make Google a lot of money, they might in the future add some restrictions but not "What if adwords cut affiliates off?"

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